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X-Cart developer

My name is Oleg. I am 32 years old.


9 years ago I left Qualiteam(Company who created X-Cart) where was on the second position in top from over 80 developers. 9 years I was working on free-lance sites like Elance and oDesk.


I provide X-Cart 4 classic, X-Cart 5 E-Commerce development and other.


I have over 12 years experience in E-Commerce with X-Cart. Please, check my portfolio for a few completed jobs. Around 70% of completed projects were on custom work and another 30% on completely new sites.

I offer custom development of X-Cart: X-Cart demo X-Cart demo admin area X-Cart support also Affiliates. X-Cart has Multi-Vendors license.

I will teach you X-Cart using Skype desctop share tool. I will design and build your full online site.

Also I do work on completed X-Cart stores. It means custom work. My prices are nearly 70% from the X-Cart creators company(Qualiteam) pricing. Click here to get free quote

The best project I ever made was in 2012 - http://medshop.com.au Very fast and support huge amount of products. Very newest features were used such as great custom appearance.

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I also developed a free eCommerce platform - Ajax Cart.









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X-Cart designer My name is Mariano Trod.


I'm 42 years old and live in Argentina with my family.


I have been a designer and illustrator for more than 15 years and created many designs for websites, landing pages, banners, apps, promotions, 2D game art, comic and book illustrations for many happy clients all around the world.


I hope I can help you take your project to the next level.